Why Work At OpticsPlanet?

twp-logoExplore exciting career opportunities at OpticsPlanet, Inc., a leading and award-winning ecommerce powerhouse.


Our business model has allowed us to grow at an average of 30% per year since inception in 2000; 93% over the last 3 years alone.

What kind of company is OpticsPlanet?

OpticsPlanet is an ecommerce powerhouse, but we think that really doesn’t give the complete picture.

We are a technology company – with a number of teams supporting, improving, and expanding the complex technological platform of our business.

We are a marketing company – a leader in SEO & PPC practices, email marketing, social media, mobile marketing and always working on the latest in marketing initiatives.

We are a research and development company – investing in innovative proprietary products such as the widely popular OPMOD.

We are a merchandising company – offering over 700,000 products from 2,500 different brands.

We are a distribution company – shipping thousands of packages to destinations across the world every day and managing inventory across multiple warehouses.

We are a customer service company – assisting our customers seven days a week over the phone, through email and live chat.

Our Gear is Cool

Where else are you going to find the classic style of Ray-Ban Wayfarers and advanced Generation 3 Night Vision in the same place? We offer some of the coolest gear in the world, and our employees have opportunities to see these products up close and even try them out. And, of course, we have a great employee discount program!

Our Team is Awesome

We’re looking to hire only the best and brightest. You may hear that our hiring process is rigorous and extensive, interviews are long and there are multiple rounds of testing, and it’s all true. We believe in order to keep our team strong and to make sure everyone here knows that the people around them are truly the best that we have to be extremely selective in whom we hire. But at the end of the day, it’s just another reason why OpticsPlanet is an amazing place to work.

Our Tech is Cutting Edge

You can’t support millions of customers and hundreds of employees without a great mix of top notch technology, and you can’t continue to grow without talented and creative engineers, developers and designers. We manage a sophisticated network and equipment infrastructure that spans our three buildings and two data centers. We also manage and develop our own in-house ecommerce platform, complete with back-end reporting and functionality for numerous teams.

Our Company is Continually Growing

Our list of open positions never gets short as we are continuously hiring best talent possible to support our growth. Our business model has allowed us to grow at an average of 30% per year since inception in 2000; 93% over the last 3 years alone.

Our Leadership is Committed to Growth

We have adapted to survive and thrive in an ever changing competitive landscape, take advantage of new opportunities, attract and retain amazing people, and together create a foundation for continued success.

Our Culture is Amazing

Our culture is still that of small company that is capable of doing great things: casual, fun, a lot of hard work, a strong work ethic, ever-changing and dynamic, results-oriented and focused on the external and internal customer satisfaction. We like to work hard and play hard.

We do almost everything in-house, from software and web development to call center and everything in-between!

Our People are Diverse yet United

OpticsPlanet is a proud employer of a unique and diverse team of people from more than 10 countries of origin who work in tandem towards common goals.

Our Opportunities are Careers, not Jobs

At OpticsPlanet, we spend every day dealing with the challenges of servicing millions of customers – customers interested in the hundreds of thousands of products we offer that can be ordered through our proprietary ecommerce platforms and our expansive call center. We are able to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers because of the talented individuals who together form the OpticsPlanet team.  We offer extensive training, mentoring, and opportunities for our employees to take advantage of, making a position at OpticsPlanet not just a job, but an opportunity for a career.

Our Passion is Contagious

We are passionate about what we do. We are passionate about our Customers. We are passionate about our products.

We have an unrivaled product expertise for our industry. A team of Product Experts continuously trains and coaches the sales and customer service reps, creates a multitude of training material, and answers questions from the connoisseur customers.

We live and breathe our products by employing people who have a personal connection with the gear.

We care about our Team Members, Business Partners, Customers, and Community

We believe the key to long term success in business is partnerships, which is why we remain dedicated to our team members, our suppliers, our customers and community.  Through dedication to training and development and providing plentiful opportunities for growth, our employees have honored us by voting us as one of Chicago’s Top Workplaces!

With our vendors and suppliers, we work together on mutually beneficial initiatives to help our businesses grow and prosper, while also enabling us to provide unique and desirable benefits to our customers.

Our customers run the gamut all the way from hobbyists to seasoned war veterans. We manage to be the destination of choice for millions of people across the world because of our focus on providing an expansive selection, a wealth of product knowledge, and unrivaled customer service.

To support our community, we make multiple donations throughout the year to local charities and causes in the form of products, services, and monetary contributions. We run joint charitable events where Team Members and the Company contribute to a cause. We are continuously making workplace improvements that help us to be more energy-efficient and environment-friendly. We recycle. We support local businesses.

And of course, we are an Equal Opportunity Employer!